Volume:8, Issue: 1

May. 1, 2016

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The problem of preschool children’s subjectness development: Can it be solved if teachers lack professional subjectness?
Lyubov M. Klarina [about]
The present-day level of social development, with its extremely high speed of sociocultural life, rapidly changing technologies and occupations, requires anyone who does not want to be an outsider to possess new skills and personal qualities and, primarily, a will and an ability to constantly improve one’s educational level. In the current situation, the system of lifelong education, which is recently gaining popularity all over the world, may offer tangible help in building people’s individual life paths. However, in order to benefit from the existing opportunities, it is necessary for an individual to be a subject of one’s own education. The subject of his/her own education should, first of all, be able to understand what kind of education s/he needs (by analyzing and evaluating both the existing opportunities and his/her own possibilities and abilities), and whether it correlates with the chosen life priorities and, secondly, should be willing to obtain such education and, what is just as important, to purposefully organize this education through lifelong learning. In this respect, the key goal of a secondary school is not only to transfer basic knowledge and skills to its students but also to create the environment that would allow students acquire the skills to learn with all the relevant personal qualities and conditions.

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