Volume:3, Issue: 1

Mar. 1, 2011

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The Moscow Center for Curative Pedagogics: Primary Aspects of the Concept and Activities
Roman P. Dimenshtein [about]
The Moscow Center for Curative Pedagogics opened its doors during the perestroika era in Russia and has increased its services and influence to the present time. The “New Russia” allowed the teams of specialists and parents of The Center to create something unique in the nation for children with disabilities. With clearly defined principles and well thought out methods of operation, The Center has had a broad impact on special education services in Russia.
Preparing Children with Learning Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders for School
Roman P. Dimenshtein [about]
Entering school is an emotional time for all children and parents, but for children with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders and their parents, it is an especially difficult and crucial time. The authors have laid out a systematic approach for helping parents, children, and teachers prepare for school entrance and success while coping with the learning disabilities presented.

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