Volume:3, Issue: 2

Dec. 1, 2011

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Education for Social Engagement: learning in the service of self and society in a global environment
Rojcewicz, P. [about]
Antioch University Seattle is a bold and enduring source of innovation in higher education. Students advance their lives personally and professionally through academic programs, supportive faculty, and community-based activities that respond to the world’s needs. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni collaborate to form a visionary community of learning and action that strikes a rare and essential balance between theoretical idealism and lived experience. Antioch is known for its innovative approaches to learning. Founded in 1852, Antioch opened its doors to women and African-Americans. In the 1850s, few other colleges took such bold, socially significant steps. Today, Antioch University Seattle (AUS), along with the other four campuses and two trans-campus programs that comprise the system that is Antioch University, continues to foster ground-breaking programs that are part of its social contract with the nation to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees as means of personal transformation, social mobility, informed citizenship, and ecological sustainability.

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