Volume:3, Issue: 2

Dec. 1, 2011

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Distance Education within a Municipal Institution of Supplementary Professional Education of Teachers
Shuvalova, S.O. [about]
Teachers’ continuous education and in-service training in Russia is systematically challenged by the idea that modern educators have become active creators of their own ‘educational routes,’ as well as by the necessity to consider various concepts and approaches, and the situation of growing independence and mobility of today’s specialists. Creating a new model of Russian education for modern economics requires not only adaptation of teachers to ongoing changes in the process of education but also an immediate readiness to realize innovations as well. Cardinal renewal of post-diploma education presupposes deepening of its individual professional orientation and changes in values and values’ systems. The concept of modern continuous education considers the unity of three types of education: formal, non-formal and informal. During one’s lifetime the focus shifts from one type to another, however, all of them remain interconnected and pursuing the same goals.

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