Volume:4, Issue: 1

Apr. 1, 2012

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The Development of Innovations in Russia: Problems and Perspectives
Egor V. Neborsky [about]
Nowadays, the problem of the innovative development and eventual commercialization of scientific products is very topical not only for the Russian scientific community but for our entire economy. Obviously, the development of an economy in the “Knowledge Era” when “information” and to be more precise, “innovative-technologies” (and not labor) plays the main role, is impossible without scientific development and the intricate integration of such fundamental factors as business, science, and education. The generation of new knowledge is a necessity, but it must also be incorporated in the production process. The time has come for states to be grounded not in the quantity of goods produced but in the unique quality of the goods if they are going to provide the nation’s economy with a competitive advantage. In discussions between the scientific community, business, universities, and the government of the Russian Federation, a number of problems were identified in the approaches to our national, innovation infrastructure. The following issues commanded the center of attention: “Which form of integration is most suitable for our country’s specific socio-cultural features?” “What mechanism for cooperation between state, business, and science will be most effective under the current and future circumstances?”

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