Volume:4, Issue: 1

Apr. 1, 2012

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Online Learning and Gender Equality
Cherie Ichinose [about]
As technology has evolved, so have the lifestyles of American students. The Sloan Consortium estimated the number of K-12 students engaged in some kind of online course in 2007-2008 at over one million. Students choose online learning for a variety of reasons. “Students are choosing online courses for the same reasons that students use iPods instead of compact disks and watch YouTube in addition to television; these all represent more options, choices, convenience, and flexibility”. In addition to said flexibility, perhaps, students are choosing an online setting for the anonymity and equality that this unique modality provides. Several studies reported students felt online learning provided them with a safer place to explore their learning at their own pace and with greater equality. Equality, for example, can be explained by unlimited student mathematical engagement rather than the limited seat-time defined by a traditional class. Further the medium reduces social context clues related to race, gender, disability, or status and frees students to connect intellectually without distraction.

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