Volume:4, Issue: 1

Apr. 1, 2012

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A Qualitative Inquiry of Online Education from the Perspective of Community College Students
Theresa Capra [about]
Online education has altered the higher education landscape and ushered in a new era of teaching and learning. Over the past decade, enrollment in online courses has grown faster than the entire student body throughout higher education. Community college students are particularly attracted to the flexibility of online learning because when compared to four-year students, they tend to be older than the traditional age of 18-22, declared financially independent, work at least 35 hours a week, and have family commitments beyond the classroom. This, however, generates a precarious situation because most community college entrants are academically at-risk and in need of remediation upon enrollment. Internet courses may not be ideal for an academically weak population. Consequently, community college students are more likely to take, and subsequently fail, an online course than their four-year counterparts. Community college administrators have declared that the expansion of online education is paramount to their institution’s future. Therefore, research that examines the phenomenon of online education from the perspective of community college students is timely and relevant.

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