Volume:4, Issue: 1

Apr. 1, 2012

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Some Principles and Methods for Supporting the Socialization of Teenagers Living in Difficult Situations
Eugenia V. Kirzhoi [about]
Today in Russia there are many teenagers who are having difficulty with situations in their lives and they are in dire need of educational and social support. Their problems are primarily caused by the national social and international economic crises of the past few decades which have significantly impacted the status of the youth of our country. These problems have not only produced a large number of negative effects on teen development in their family life but also on their health, education, and leisure activities. Although our research is an attempt to understand and deal with this complex and multidimensional problem, we have only just begun and all the ideas, principles, and methods presented in this article will need further, in-depth review and analysis. We will begin by first defining the term, “teenagers having difficult situations in their lives.” Research literature shows that these are mostly teens from socially underprivileged and dysfunctional families; teens living without parental support; teens with disabilities and emotional or other sorts of disturbances in their development; kids living under extremely difficult conditions; young people who are victims of violence; or teenagers whose lives were disrupted due to specific circumstances which they cannot overcome independently or even with some help from the family.

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