Volume:6, Issue: 1

May. 1, 2014

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Available Media Technologies in Education
Klimentyev, Dmitry D. [about]
Over the past few years information technologies have significantly enhanced their potential with the advent of cloud computing services which enable global net users to connect to sophisticated telecommunication systems via a web browser of any computer compatible device (smart phone, laptop, tablet PC, etc.) without the need to install additional software applications. Essential advantages of cloud services include their availability (which often means free of charge), universality (multi-platform functionality), a user-friendly and intuitive interface. At present, I cannot imagine my practical work of a foreign (English) language instructor both at college and high school without such teaching tools as Google Documents or ooVoo. They have significantly increased effectiveness of both classroom and online activities in oral and written English language practice though the teaching potential of such cloud services is not limited by the area of instruction, students’ educational level or age.

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