Volume:6, Issue: 1

May. 1, 2014

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Deconstructing a Reality Show
Levitskaya, Anastasia [about]
The reality show has become a television genre, a kind of an entertainment television programming and /or online program. The first reality show in history of television is considered to be the American program Candid Camera (1948). However, in European countries reality TV reached its popularity in the 1990s, and in Russia – since 2001 (Behind the Glass). Although today this television genre includes a variety of forms, in general, the action taking place can be characterized as following: a group of participants (“ordinary” people, not professional actors) lives in a limited space; their life is continuously filmed by candid/open cameras; as a rule, the aim of such show is getting a prize, so the characters become rivals, and the game nature makes the show attractive both for participants and for the audience. Common people get the chance to become new celebrities.

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