Volume:8, Issue: 1

May. 1, 2016

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The social educational discourse of modern education
Romm, Tatyana A. [about]
Modern social educational discourse is very broad and varied. It includes youth subcultural practices, patriotism, social networks as a factor of socialization, social differentiation of youth and childhood, and social and cultural identity of the young generation, among others. The state keeps an eye on them together with the public and an academic community [1; 3; 7]. Such "social educational turn" in modern education could be explained by the objective nature of challenges that create the need for a new model of education in the foreseeable future. These challenges include: (1) the change of sociality of the post-industrial society [the transformation of traditional (family, school), and the emergence of new institutions of socialization (media, subcultural community, network)]; (20 the strengthening of a consumer nature of modern life (reduction of the motivation for social participation, the prevalence of nihilistic attitudes, a deficit of humanistic values, and the growth of individualization); (3) the Internet spread and the increase in digital technologies (changing patterns of conservation and transmission of social experience, and the process of managing one’s own development and individual values); (4) different understanding of the role and place of social education (an economic feasibility of educational activities that becomes part of the formation of the social capital, and a social demand for monitoring educational activities).

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