Volume:4, Issue: 1

Apr. 1, 2012

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The existential pedagogy of A.I. Herzen: On the 200th Anniversary of his Birth
Boguslavsky, Mikhail V. [about]
In the history of education, there sometimes occurs the wondrous establishment of an amiable relationship between the past and the present wherein the worldview, ideas, and opinions of a mighty, educational thinker of former times resonates in a new epoch. In this connection, contemporary Russia and its national education system while once more searching for its essential path towards further spiritual development and moral improvement has found guidance in the philosophy of education proposed by Alexander Ivanovich Herzen (1812-1870) whose 200th birthday is being widely recognized and celebrated through national policy statements and in the worlds of culture and science. Following his death, Herzen’s contributions to the world of science and culture were recognized internationally. It must be emphasized that his outstanding gifts as a writer, his brilliant abilities as a polemicist, his colossal erudition, and his prominent talent placed him as one of the central figures of the Russian and world communities. Indisputably, he can be considered one of the significant contributors to world literature, philosophy, political science, and culture. There has been, however, far less study of A.I. Herzen’s views on education.

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