Volume:1, Issue: 2

Sep. 1, 2009

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A Letter to the Readers
Dear readers, It is with great pleasure and not without a certain amount of anxiety that I am introducing this new issue to you. This is for the first time that we are starting to publish articles of American and Russian educators together in an attempt to stimulate a true dialogue between them. Studying American education for many years of my life in Russia, I always tried to bring the knowledge of Western education to Russian researchers and practitioners, to university professors and students. I always felt like it was my mission to introduce to Russian teachers new methods and strategies from the West, to acquaint them with numerous innovations in school structure- and culture-building and management. Many of my books and articles were devoted mostly to these issues. Now, when I live in the States, I experience a strong desire to inform English-speaking readers of outstanding achievements of past and present Russian education. It is so unfortunate that extremely rich Russian educational ideas, knowledge, and experience are almost totally unknown to most Western teachers and educators. It is no wonder that whenever I present about the unique work of the Yasnopolyanskaya school by Leo Tolstoy, the ideas and creations of Konstantin Ventsel and Victor Soroka-Rosinsky, educational findings and a personal fate of Vasily Sukhomlinsky, and finally about numerous modern outstanding school principals such as Vladimir Karakovsky, Yuri Zavelsky, etc. – this always keeps the audience’s undivided attention.

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