Volume:1, Issue: 3

Dec. 15, 2009

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Reflections about School Holistic Systems and “Educational Spaces”
The author, a very famous humanistic Russian educator, shares her own experience of constructing different school holistic systems, first, as a school teacher, and then, as head of the Russian J. Korczak’s Society and a founder of the integration summer camp for children, teenagers, and young adults. The article describes a unique and constructive process of mastering a social environment that allows the creation of a new educational practice and improves the quality of life for both children and adults. The paper does not give ready-made answers, rather it raises serious questions.
Integration of Academic and Club Activities in the School Holistic System
The author strongly supports the idea of integration of academic and extracurricular activities and brings valid proofs which show how important it is for the creation of an effective school holistic system. He also describes different levels of such integration and different types of schools which use the concept of integration.
A Center of Education: Past, Present, and Future
The authors are administrators of a well-known Russian school with a very developed infrastructure, combining a number of different schools and extracurricular facilities. The article presents a long history of the school development with interesting insights and reflections. Readers will find an analysis of ways to connect education, labor, sport, art, and health care under the roof of one Center of Education. The authors share their thoughts and challenges their school has faced.
Holistic System of St. Petersburg School No. 260
The article presents a conceptual framework, goals, objectives, and a description of a few primary programs that School No. 260 uses to create and sustain its school holistic system.
An Open House for Creativity
The author is a school principal of a large public secondary school in Tula region, Russia. The article gives an overview of a school holistic system, describing its objectives, primary activities and most interesting methods and strategies. One of the highlights of the school extracurricular activities is their school theatre that unites both children and adults, and helps to develop their creativity level.

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