Volume:6, Issue: 1

May. 1, 2014

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A Good School In Terms Of Public Relations
Lizinsky, Vladimir M. [about]
To love something, we first need to see, hear, comprehend, compare, assess, choose, respect, and help... It so happens that great schools and educational practices give birth to impressive school legends, and people tend to believe in them passing them on from one generation to another. Gone are the days of some amazing school principal, wonderful teachers, unusual freedom of creation or that unique pedagogical environment which used to distinguish the school long ago. But parents, blinded by adoration or some whimsical pedagogical rush, are determined to do their best and place their offspring into this legendary school while a real worthy next-door school is quietly but steadily doing its great job for the sake of children and parents. Before we hasten to lavish praise on such recently discovered and somewhat outstanding school, let us first try to understand why its teachers are not among winners of numerous contests or nominations, why mass media has not yet glorified it or why the principal’s name is not even known to many in the local community.

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