Volume:3, Issue: 2

Dec. 1, 2011

About the Project
The Amerus Exchange

                                            FROM THE FIBERS OF FRIENDSHIP

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THE RUSSIAN-AMERICAN EDUCATION FORUM: AN ONLINE JOURNAL, (“Project Dynamic Dialogue,”) is an endeavor of THE AMERUS EXCHANGE, LTD (TAEL,) a 501c3, not for profit organization. TAEL’s mission is to create international, cross-cultural relationships that encourage the development and sharing of democratic ideas, methods, and strategies. This project is a collaboration of individuals and institutions in both the United States and the Russian Federation. Through THE EDUCATION FORUM, TAEL intends to begin a dynamic dialogue between educators of both countries that will lead to a synthesis of ideas and techniques and, eventually, to successful answers to the difficult educational problems of our nations. TAEL views THE RUSSIAN-AMERICAN EDUCATION FORUM as a cyber faculty room; a comfortable place where serious discussion can take place and develop into practical solutions.

Jack Mc Gurgan, President

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