Volume: 7, Issue: 3


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Письмо к читателям
Цырлина Т.В. [about]
Дорогие друзья, старые и новые читатели! Нынешний номер журнала не совсем обычен, поскольку полностью составлен из статей авторов, работающих в рамках системного подхода к воспитанию и социализации детей и молодежи, основы которого заложила известный российский ученый Людмила Ивановна Новикова. А в качестве приглашенного редактора номера выступила Наталья Леонидовна Селиванова, последователь и продолжатель идей Новиковой, нынешний руководитель Центра стратегии и теории воспитания личности «Института стратегии развития образования Российской академии образования». 
A letter to the Readers
Цырлина Т.В. [about]
Time has moved so quickly, and I am happy to introduce this journal issue to you. It is hard to imagine that it is already issue # 20 (!), and I am filled with joy to see that we have accumulated readers in every continent and almost in every country on earth. This edition has been prepared in cooperation with the Center “Educational Search” (Pedagogichesky Poisk) and a number of educational journals published by this Center. Among them are such popular as “A scientific-methodological journal of the school deputy principal,” “A Homeroom Teacher,” “Management of the Modern School,” etc. I am happy to introduce our guest editor for this issue – Professor Vladimir Lizinsky, a person who is blessed with a brilliant mind, deep intuition, and a great sense of humor, and who is sharing his reflection and attitude towards many new processes happening in Russian education today in the two papers published in this issue. His irony, unusual way of thinking and manner of writing will never leave you indifferent.

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