Volume: 5, Issue: 3


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Размышления о бальной культуре
Хорош В.А. [about]
Понятие «педагогическая поддержка» пришло в сферу образования из общей культуры. Тем оно и ценно, поскольку это не искусственно созданная конструкция, которую надо внедрять, а исторически и культурно сформировавшиеся процессы в сфере гуманистических отношений. Поддерживая других и себя, мы создаём дружеские взаимосвязи между людьми, делимся энергией, укрепляем свой дух – становимся сильнее, самостоятельнее, человечнее. «Педагогическая поддержка» известного российского педагога О. С. Газмана выросла из любви и уважения к человеку, из творчества и взаимной заботы. Его главным источником познания была сама жизнь, в которой соединены все жизненные сферы, науки и искусства. Именно поэтому его первые статьи, написанные в период переосмысления ценностей, посвящены культуре.
Thoughts about "Ballroom Dance Culture"
Хорош В.А. [about]
As a high school literature teacher, I feel compelled to do more than tell my students what books mean. When my students read a great book, I want it to move them the way it moves me. I want it to change their lives. This paper is an attempt to share a project I have developed over the last ten years with 15-year-olds in an international setting at the American School of Madrid, a project that I think has worked well more than once for me, but also a project that could have numerous iterations, variations, and applications. It is intended to be a re-creation of a famous experiment in living conducted and recorded by one of the greatest and most independent American thinkers of the last 275 years, Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was born in 1817 and died in 1862. When he was 38, he moved for two years to a small cabin that he built himself on the shores of Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts. His purpose was to experiment with his own life by cutting out everything that he thought was an unnecessary distraction or burden. He wanted to stop complaining about life until he was really sure that life itself, not his decisions, was the cause of his complaining.

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